Thursday, April 10, 2008

Roseola Infantum = Tigdas Hangin

Alex's first actual trip to the ER was brought about by this viral illness --> Roseola Infantum or the Three-day-fever. More commonly known here as Tigdas Hangin. Here's a helpful article for the new parents out there. No need for blood and urine tests. It will only traumatize your baby, trust me!

What is three-day-fever?
Most children will catch three-day-fever at an early age.
  • The disease also has other names; Roseola infantum, exanthematous fever, and three-day-rash.

  • Although most small children catch it, it is one of the lesser-known children's diseases that causes a rash.

  • It is only seen in children from the age of six months to three years and it is highly contagious.

How is three-day-fever contracted?

The cause of the disease is unknown but it is probably due to a virus, which is transferred through the respiratory tract.

The incubation period - from infection to symptoms appearing - is 10 to 15 days.

The child is probably infectious during the whole period of the disease and maybe even before the high temperature.

What are the symptoms of three-day-fever?

  • It begins with a sudden high temperature up to 40ÂșC. The temperature lasts for about three days.

  • In some cases febrile fits follow the high temperature. These may seem very dramatic and alarming. Febrile fits are not caused by the three-day-fever as such, but are due to the sudden high rise in temperature.

  • The rash appears when the temperature suddenly drops again after about three days. It usually begins on the body and spreads to the arms and legs. It is seldom seen in the face.

  • The rash consists of pale, reddish spots, perhaps with small heads. It lasts for about 12 to14 hours. Then it is over.

How is three-day-fever different from other childhood diseases?

It is important that parents of small children know the disease and its characteristic symptoms. It is necessary to distinguish it from other children's diseases, particularly measles.

  • Three-day-fever does not begin with cold-like symptoms as measles does. At first there is only a high temperature.

  • In measles, the temperature runs high again when the rash appears. With three-day-fever, the temperature drops to normal when the rash appears.

  • The rash characteristically begins on the body and seldom appears on the face. Both measles and German measles appear on the face to begin with.

How does the doctor make the diagnosis?

The typical course of a three-day-fever followed by a rash is so characteristic for this children's disease that it is not hard to recognize it from the above symptoms.

How is three-day-fever treated?

There is no need for medication. Make sure that the child drinks plenty of fluids in the three days that the temperature lasts. The rash is not particularly itchy.

Children can go back to childcare when their temperature has returned to normal.

Future prospects

The disease follows the course described above. There are no known complications and it is a self-limiting condition. Catching it once gives lifelong immunity.

Can children be vaccinated against three-day-fever?

There is no vaccine against this disease.

Based on a text by Per Grinsted, GP


Blogger Nathan said...

Very informative. My son just had "tigdas hangin" and it gives me enough relief that this has no lasting effects.

1:04 PM  
Blogger russell said...

Thanks for the information. As a father I always describe myself as "napapraning" whenever my children get sick. The info that you shared gives me a jumpstart that I can also help other parents who has similar problems with me. Thanks!!!

4:13 AM  
Blogger aslly said...

My son i think have "tigdas hangin" but he never had a fever just rashes, cough and cold. My question is can he take a bath? Actually I brought him to a pediatrician and the doctor said it's okey even if he has a fever. But I don't feel comfortable with the idea He was given an anti-allergy medication,cough medication and an antibiotic. After one week if no improvement will be back at the clinic.

9:01 PM  
Blogger lilibeth said...

Thanks for sharing. It helped me stop from over reacting because my daughter has it too.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Jenelyn Manlapig De Vera said...

Thanks for the very informative blogs! this would really be a big help for a mom like me...This is exactly what my son experiencing right now..Now Im aware that those symptoms were really a part of tigdas hangin... God Bless

5:55 AM  
Blogger Bebeandrei said...

Same with my son's experience last saturday . . . We saw plenty of rashes at his back . . And that made me panic because before those rashes came out he had on and off fever for two days. . We rushed him at the e.r and good thing its tigdas hangin. . And not dengue. . For a first time mom like me im so nervous after i saw his rashes . . The resident doctor prescribed him to take anti histamine for 3days and anti viral meds for 7days . .

8:07 AM  

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